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There are several very important reasons to join as a member as opposed to simply being a regular attendee.

First, it can be a very meaningful time in which you and the congregation make a commitment to each other.  It’s very meaningful for the congregation to officially accept someone new into the family, and it’s usually meaningful for the individual to be the recipient of this acceptance and affirmation.  

Secondly, you will come under the pastoral care of this church.  You will receive our newsletters and communications, and part of our commitment to you is that we will do everything possible to support you in your time of emotional, spiritual, or financial need.

Third, joining is simply that important “rite of passage” that signifies your entrance into our church, and allows your voice to be heard and your opinion to be tallied in decisions of the church.

And Finally, Membership is a requirement to serve on various committees or even serve in a leadership capacity. 


You will find your Christian walk and membership here much more fulfilling if you establish healthy, Christian relationships and if you find a place where you can use your God-given gifts to build up His Church and support our ministries.







       Our church invites you to consider becoming a part of our family of faith.  Membership at New Opportunity Baptist Church is not a requirement. It is simply a step towards spiritual maturity in your relationship with Jesus Christ as you commit to be an active member of a local church.  There are several ways you may become a part of New Opportunity Baptist Church.

As Someone Wishing to Be Baptized
       We practice “believer’s baptism” which means we baptize only those who have made a conscious decision to follow Christ.  If you have not yet become a follower, we invite you to talk with any of our church staff, deacons or council.  If you are a follower of Christ and have not yet been baptized, we hope you would want to make this decision as a public demonstration of your relationship with Christ.

Upon Your Statement of Faith and Baptism
    You may become a member of New Opportunity by indicating that you are a follower of Christ and have been Scripturally baptized (by immersion).

As A Member From Another Denomination
       It is never our intent to draw people away from another church.  However, due to various circumstances, you may be interested in becoming a member of Ridge Crest. 

As A Member From Another Baptist Church
       Every Christian should belong to a church close to his/her home and be able to participate in weekly activities of worship and Bible study.  If you are a member of another Baptist church of like faith and practice, you can transfer your membership.

The Watchcare Ministry
       If you are temporarily in the area (student, job situation), you may be interested in our watchcare ministry.  You do not transfer your church membership but you are able to be involved in the life and ministry of New Opportunity.  See our pastor or one of our deacons for more information.

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