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Bible Helps

A factual and reliable source of information about American and World religions. This site will equip you to be effective witnesses of the gospel to all people.

The site contains 3087 biblical characters with details such as who were their parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, concubines and children.

Recommended by the Director of Community Outreach at Bible Sprout. Their mission is to educate young Christians with access to the top biblical resources (translations, commentaries, dictionaries) on the web. They have also compiled hundreds of bible questions and answers to help young Christians in strengthen their faith to become tomorrow’s leaders for Christ.

Find multiple Bible translations, research tools and resources. You can also listen to the Bible for free on this site in several different versions and languages.

Devotionals and Inspirations

Sign up to have devotional newsletters e-mailed to you. Additional devotional archives on a large variety of topics.

YOUNG ADULT MINISTRIES You can find some information on Christian dating and marriage here. As a ministry of Focus on the Family, the Boundless community exists to help you navigate the path with biblical wisdom and intention.

Videos and Movies

Tangle (formerly GodTube) is a global online community that allows users to connect and share their faith and lives with others through videos, photos, blogs, prayers and more.

Your #1 source for the very best inspirational and thought provoking Christian movies for your home, school and church group. Movies you can trust!