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  • What activities and classes do you have for my children/student?

    We strive to provide quality, meaningful ministries for every member of the family – infant to adult.

    Nursery service is provided in a clean, safe environment for infants and toddlers (birth to 5 years old) at both the worship service, as well as during the Bible Study Hour.

    Children from kindergarten to sixth grade meet in small group classes at 9:30am Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings participate in KidZone.

    Students, grades 7th to 12th, also have 9:30am Sunday Bible-Study and gather on Wednesday nights for friendship, fun and Bible study all year round.

  • What should I expect during a typical Praise & Worship gathering?

    Our worship gathering, we believe simplicity is best. There is a brief time to say hello and be greeted by each other. We will corporately sing together, both contemporary and traditional songs which are led by our Worship Leader. We also provide an opportunity to give back an offering to the Lord and there is often a special song by an individual. We then hear a 25-30 minute sermon from the Pastor. Lastly, We close out our gathering with a song of praise and a time of response and personal reflection.

  • What should I wear?

    You are free to wear whatever you believe is comfortable and appropriate for a worship gathering. Some members of our church will wear a suit and tie while others will come in a t-shirt and jeans. In both situations, we believe Scripture calls us to place a greater emphasis on preparing our hearts for worship than our attire. Whatever makes you comfortable is what we want you to wear.

  • Are you affiliated with a denomination?

    Church-near-me Ridge-Crest-Baptist-Church Tulsa OKWe are affiliated nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), regionally with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, and locally with the Tulsa Metro Baptist Network.

  • What do you believe?

    The best way to learn about our core beliefs is to look under the “About Us > Our Beliefs” tab above.

  • How can I become a member of New Opportunity Baptist Church?

    We believe that membership in a local church is biblical and important. Membership in our church is open to every baptized Christian who gives evidence of the gospel’s transforming power and who agrees with our church covenant and statement of faith.    Church Membership

  • Can I Have My Wedding Ceremony At New Opportunity Baptist Church?

    Yes, You definitely can.  Ridge Crest Baptist Church has a main auditorium that seats about 300 people.  There is also a 1,200 sq ft banquet hall that can be used as a reception room.  Please review the Documents and Forms for specific requirements and limitations.  The pastor of Ridge Crest Baptist may be available to officiate -> pre-marital counseling session(s) may be required and are recommended.  We look forward to your special day !!

    Documents and Forms

    Church-near-me Ridge-Crest-Baptist-Church Tulsa OK Forms


    Please select from the list of Documents and Forms below....

    Facility Use Agreement

    Facility Use Rules

    Facility Amenities Need Form

    Wedding Policy

    Wedding Info Sheet

  • I have a group that would like to use the building for a meeting. Is this possible?

    Yes the church facilities and meetings rooms are available for limited community use.  Prior approval is required.  Please see the Documents and Forms about building usage.

    Documents and Forms

    Church-near-me Ridge-Crest-Baptist-Church Tulsa OK Forms


    Please select from the list of Documents and Forms below....

    Facility Use Agreement

    Facility Use Rules

    Facility Amenities Need Form

  • What Is Your Website Privacy Policy?

    New Opportunity Baptist Church Website Privacy Policy




    Welcome to New Opportunity Baptist Church is committed to protecting your information by ensuring that we remain lawful. Below is the Privacy Policy for Please take some time to read through this Policy as it outlines how we will use your personal information.


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    How Personal Information is Collected


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    What happens with the Information We Collect


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    1. It may be used during targeted social media or search engine advertisements
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    How You Can Access, Update or Delete Your Personal Data


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    You have the right to:


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    6)    Receive Personal Data portability and transference to another controller without our hindrance.

    7)    Object to our use of your information.

    8)    Not be subject to an automated decision based solely on automatic processing, including profiling, which legally or significantly affects you.


    If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please reach out to us at and we would be happy to connect with you.